We have been telling time since the beginning of civilization. Still to this day we keep track of time, with the use of the watch – and it continues to live on.

Wurland is a modern and minimalistic watch brand that offers affordable wristwatches with simple and timeless design.

Wurland’s founder comes from Sweden, where design, handcraft and a feeling for quality comes naturally. We knew that there were hundreds of different watch brands out there in the market, but we wanted to complement it in our way, with our feeling and love for watches.

Wurland’s vision is to create something stunning – a pure and minimalistic timepiece with a high quality. To make this possible, we have removed everything that we think doesn’t matter, and have focused on what does. This allows us to create a minimalistic and modern wristwatch without a loss of quality, for a good price.

Quality timepieces to inspire.


Our watches have a dial that gives a pleasant and lucid feeling of time with a handicraft that reflects quality and care.


Our cases are minimalistic and manufactured in stainless steel.


Our watches have a high quality quartz movement from Japan.

Did you know that the Japanese Quartz Movement was founded in 1969 by the Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko?


We look at the whole watch and not just what we primarily see. The back of Wurland watches are created in stainless steel with our logo enchased into it.

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